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Public relations certainly isn’t what it used to be...

Public relations certainly isn’t what it used to be, the days when traditional media were the only platform to tell your tale are long gone…

With a rapidly changing media landscape, stand-alone traditional PR strategies rarely gain the cut-through that they used to.

Whilst media releases and media pitching have their place in PR campaigns, modern strategies that convey punchy stories via digital platforms, audio/visual assets and social media often create a greater impact.

Get noticed...

At Huckster PR, we examine the needs of each client to devise smart and proactive public relations, influencer campaigns and digital media strategies that exceed expectations. 

We believe that in a changing digital world, it is our job to help our clients navigate through dynamic business, media and the consumer landscapes. 

When we take on any client, ultimately our goal is to help them get noticed by prospective clients and reach the next level. 

We deliver results that meet each clients needs...

Huckster PR works hard and thinks innovatively to deliver results that meet the unique needs of each client. 

No matter how big the ambition and dream may be, we are ready to work with the client every step of the way.

Whether it’s a small lifestyle brand operating from the comfort of their home, or a multimillion-dollar business looking to tap into an emerging market, we’re on your case!

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